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Follow Friday – 30th Oct 2009

This Friday’s Follow Friday theme are some of my favourite mummy businesses on Twitter – not a comprehensive list by any stretch – but they have helped me with their great products and services and maybe you would like them too… check them out …

MumsLikeYou (Ivet Nikolov) founder online mums community
Tums2Mums (Dany Griffiths) lovely lady, hynobirthing guru & resources
Soph4Soph inspirational childrens wear – god daughter gifts – tick!
justdresses because they embracing all things girlie at
Aroma4kids loving their Special Little People range – the Christmas blend is devine!
childrensjewell fab childrens jewellery – more off the Christmas list from here!



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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Hands


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40% Off At Home with Gusto!

This is what I am going to be doing for supper tonight!Gusto

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My Twitter Follow Friday’s

If you Tweet you will probably know what #FF or #FollowFriday, here’s a quick explanation though for those that don’t… its very simply a ritual on a Friday of recommending people you follow on Twitter to others by tagging your tweet with #FF or #FollowFriday.  I am flattered, she says blushing as I type to be recommended by others and reciprocate the recommendations but sometimes find it tough to do in 140 characters and end up tweeting a list of user names.  So today, inspired by an approach I saw somewhere else (tweet me if it was yours & I’ll credit you!) I am listing ten of my twitter buddies, in no particular order and in an unrestricted character format explaining why I follow them!

@Tums2Mums – HypnoBirthing guru, invaluable support & super mum to Evan!
@dougggie – She’s doing the Dogs Trust Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge 2010
@clareybabble – fab, true, honest, mummy blogger
@violetposy – lovely lady who is embracing Halloween & working hard for her family
@omgmummy – very cool, funny first time mum
@porridgebrain – kind & helpful & caring, following her dreams & inspiring others
@loveitloveit – because like me she appreciates phrases like “knob all”!!!
@sarahwalters99 – lovely lady, Dandelion Lounge advocate & best RT-er!
@Soph4Soph – super cool kids designer, very funny chick.
@dulwichmum – because her caustic humour never fails to bring a smile to my face


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New Arrival News

IMG_4231I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of our baby daughter:

Grace Eloise Lancaster arrived on Wednesday 14th October 2009 at 10:36am weighing 9lb 5oz

Kelly Fairy wins the just for fun baby weight competition with the heaviest baby weight guess, at 9lb on the nose, which was still below my big little girls actual birth weight!

We are all doing well, including and especially Lil’ H in his new role as big brother.  Birth story post to follow very soon … Claire x


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Home_Photo_booksThanks to clareybabble for passing this meme on, I’m working my way through a few awards and meme’s at the moment, all helping to keep my mind off my bump!

So here are the rules… 1. Collect the book that you have most handy. 2. Turn to page 161. 3. Find the 5th complete sentence. 4. Site the sentence on your blog. 5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

Ok so on my bedside are three books … this says a lot about where I am in life right now … I have time so I am going to do all three!

1.  Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan
Pg 161, line 5 – I slowly breathe up with each surge.  (Nb. Surge is hypno for contraction!)

2.  The contented baby with toddler book by Gina Ford
Pg 161, line 5 -12 noon-2/2:15pm:  Baby needs a nap of no longer than two and a quarter hours from the time he went down.  (mmm … wondering/doubting if baby knows this?!)

3.  What to expect – The Toddler Years by Murkoff, Eisendberg & Hathaway
Pg 161, line 5 -Sometimes toddlers who are physically precocious – the early walkers, climbers, jumpers, ball-throwers – are later talkers; they put so much of their energy into physical exploits that they have little left over for verbal exploration.

I have to confess, I have only read the hypnobirthing book cover to cover – the rest are there in case of emergencies!  Now then, anyone who want to can pick this meme up but I also think these lovelies might enjoy some randomness…

American Mom in England
OMG we’re pregnant
Sleep is for the weak
Kelly Fairy
Ramblings of a mum on the run


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I’m late and irritated …

Overdue_stampI’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date … well I’m not but baby number two is and I’m blaming her fathers gene’s for this (already & guaranteed not for the last time!)

So our estimated due date of Monday 5th October has been, gone and I’m three days into extra time and still cooking this baby.  I am no longer able to answer the phone due to the massive irritation that is induced by people calling asking “have you had the baby yet?” – clearly not – clearly in 2009 the digitial era dominated by mobile communication & social networking tools we would have found a way of letting people know – grrrr! 

Don’t get me wrong I love hearing from friends and most of our family but my major irritation comes from those people who haven’t actually bothered to even check in by phone, email or text for most of the last nine months.  Makes me want to scream & shout “so now you want a piece of my new baby do you?” – yeah pretty sure its the hormones!  But I do feel cross and I do feel hurt they haven’t bothered, not interested in me the baby carrier but now seem to want my baby, ok I know I sound like a looney!  The truth is that whilst it will all get put down to my hormones I’m actually quite upset by some folk whom I regard as close friends that I just haven’t heard from for months and months.  I’m not talking about close friends who are single or without children, those without I understand don’t understand, I’m talking about close friends with children of their own too.  People who I care about and make time to check in with to see that life is treating them and theirs ok.  I feel like my socialising limited self got dumped when I declared myself pregnant back in March/April time.  Its second time around so unlike with Lil’ H I’m not even a willing designated driver!  So lets just strike it down to hormones but just for the record I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hadn’t been upset by this over the last few months.

yayasI also know I have a number of amazing friends, both near and far away – my own sisterhood of ya yas – Carrie, Tiff, Mich, Izzie, Sarah – you know who you are and mwah, I love you, you’re ace!  I also know I have amazing parents and need to say a big THANK YOU to my mum and dad, Grandma & Grandpa to Lil’ H and baby number 2, who really couldn’t help more, they do much for us I’m too embarrassed to say it all.  But if I say they look after Lil’ H at least three half days a week and I still have only ever washed 2.5yr old Lil’ H’s clothes when mum is on holiday and he is always in clean ironed clothes it will give you an indication of the scale of assistance we get from them. 

So I will sign off, still here, still in one piece, still pregnant … soon, soon, soon, please let it be soon that I am back here posting with happy new baby news!  Claire x


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