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I am always really keen to help support mummy run businesses (so if this describes you please do get in touch). 

Well I’m very pleased for a friend of mine, Lisa, who has recently launched a new website: and am posting this to request a few minutes of your time to click the link and check it out! 
This is a community driven web site offering news, views, useful information, and discussion on the things that matter to those that live, work and socialise in Alderley Edge so for many of you will be of local interest as well as potentially a great route to this local market for those of you with business here.  You can also register on the site which is super fast to register and since doing so I have already had some great dining special offers which have been certainly worth the minute of my time to do so!  
Please direct any feature, editorial suggestions, opinions, questions, feedback, thoughts and ideas to 

Claire x
p.s.  Please feel free to review on your own blogs etc. and help spread the word that is there!

Sharing in the local knowledge at



Share in the local knowledge at


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Achingly Sweet Wordless Wednesday

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My bump is massive – thanks for that!

Here are the questions I am now asked on at least a daily if not multiple times a day basis by allegeded friends, family and complete total strangers.  So if you’re expecting you will probably be pleased to know you are not alone!  I know it is all well meant, but I am pregnant, hormonal, uncomfortable, not sleeping & reserve the right to be annoyed!

1 – I’m due 5th October

2 – No, it’s not twins, just the one

3 – Oh wow, you’re right my bump is massive, hadn’t noticed I was carrying that around, thanks for pointing it out!



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Maternity Sale – up to 75% off!

“Love Maternity” is my favourite maternity clothes store.  OK I confess its geographically local to me so I do pram past but they also have a fab online shop too at: 

“Love Maternity” is run by a mummy friend of mine, the lovely Clare, who chooses great stock – fab looking and most importantly fitting and feeling maternity clothes and she’s introduced me to some fab brandsincluding Noppies, Home Mummy, Forty Weeks, Seraphine, Picchu Maternity to name drop a few.  I’m always keen to support and help promote other mummy run businesses and their Summer sale, including the current 2009 Summer collection, starts this Saturday 25th July – please feel free to spread the news far and wide to all those with burgeoning bumps – full details below: 

Please Note: All Sale items are non returnable.


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Wordless Wednesday

Todays starting point ...

Todays starting point ...


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Full-fat or semi-skimmed milk?

I have never bought as much as milk as I have since having a baby now child in the house!  Until my early 20’s I didn’t drink either tea or coffee and my single days were spent with a preference for champagne, gin & tonic and the latest status cocktail to be seen with be it a Cosmopolitan or a Mojito!  My time in the USA introduced me to good old Starbucks and ten plus years of office life recruited me to the coffee / tea / team breaks.

I have a vivid memory and still the remnants of a scar on my leg from a herbal tea detox I was on which having spilt the boiling herbal tea (no milk just boiling water and a bag of herbs!) resulted in a second degree scold – that wouldn’t have happened had I been relaxing with a G&T rather than torturing myself and my body with a another diet fad!  Anyway diets, a post for another day, I apologise I digress… 

I attended parents evening this evening for my two year old H, at his nursery where he attends for three half days a week.  The nursery and the team are just wonderful, H and I love it and them, I cannot sing their praises high enough and developmentally he’s all on track – the right boxes all ticked – phew!  But it prompted me to get out the old toddler and child development books and read up a bit as I approach potty training and moving him from cot to a big boys bed etc.  Flicking through the different books I’ve come across some mixed thinking around which milk to give children after two, some say stay with full fat til 5 years, others recommend switching to semi skimmed from two, including the Food Standards Agency. 

I confess to being in a habit of buying and providing full fat milk and not giving the subject , being honest, really any thought.  With 4 litres of full fat, 2 litres of semi (for Mr!) and 2 litres of skimmed (for me!) in the fridge we have choices but I wondered what other mums were doing with their toddlers?  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, views & experiences.

Below are a couple of links I found that maybe of interest to those pondering the same subject.

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Saint Swithun’s Day – 15th July

Will it?  Or won’t it?  Summer stay with us that is!  I am hopeful, today is warm, bright, sunny breaks and most importantly dry … but it is only 11am!  Legend / folk lore has it that if it rains today it will rain for 40 days – please, please, no!  The year  I got married, 2003, 15th July was a dry, sunny day and the weather right through to September was scorchio – I am optimistic 2009 may be the same, join me and cross your fingers!   

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithun’s day if thou be fair
For forty days ’twill rain na mair


Back to business for me with one eye on the sky!

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