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Mums Like You

I am so chuffed, Dandelion Lounge is running a new banner ad campaign on http://www.mumslikeyou.com I’ve screen grabbed one of the ads running on the site – what do you think? 

MumsLikeYou_pinkMums Like You is a new, ambitous and great newcomer to the online community circuit so if you haven’t paid a visit yet, I’d recommend it as a great online destination to enjoy a coffee break or nap time or two.   Mums Like Your enables mothers to stay in touch, share parenting advice and discuss topics we all face as a parent.

I can honestly say its a genuinely friendly community of mums – in the real world I am far from shy but in the virtual one I have been a bit of a lurker for a while, felt very self conscious and just frankly not cool enough to join the groups, forums & communities.  I’ve joined a decent number now and this and a few others have been the most welcoming, helpful & supportive.  So thank you Mums Like You! 

These banners form the start of our Christmas promotional activity which me and the team back at the Lounge are getting super excited about, last year was our “First Christmas” and we were blown away by the popularity of our Christmas cards and photo inserts.  We’re very much working hard and hoping to continue our first years success.  The collection will be going live online shortly but if you would like an e-brochure sending to you in the meantime just drop me an email at claire@dandelionlounge.co.uk  or register online at www.dandelionlounge.co.uk and you’ll get an email as soon as the colletion goes live.

Sorry to be mentioning Christmas in August – but hey I’m a planner by nature and marketer by trade – I’ve got Easter finished before Santa has made to the Chimney!  Cx



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Tips for your Christmas photos

The pumpkins have been carved and the fireworks are in the biscuit tin ready to go!  I am still to choose the Christmas photo and thought I would share some of my tips for choosing the perfect photo for to your Christmas card, photo insert or birth announcement: 


  • Choose a Christmas card design that reflects you and your family
  • If you like a few you could order more than one design or have both a card and a photo insert
  • Select a coordinating photo that’s sweet and simple—avoid busy backgrounds or too much action
  • Think about the colours on both your photo and your card design —black and white photos tend to look best with a brightly coloured design, and you will want to avoid using a sepia toned photo with a brown card
  • Keep it simple—too many frills or colors will ruin the elegance of your message!
  • Make sure you’re camera is on the highest quality setting on your digital camera, ideally try to ensure the resolution is 300 and the image size is at least 800 x 1200 pixels

Can’t wait to see your festive choices!

Claire x


P.s.  Don’t forget to place your orders by Friday 14th November 2008 on www.dandelionlounge.co.uk for delivery before December (Friday 5th December 2008 for delivery before Christmas)

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