Baby weight sweep stake!

Inspired by the sweepstake OMG We’re Pregnant is running for guessing the arrival date & time of their first baby who is due later in October I thought a guess the baby weight sweepstake would be fun! 

So here you go, here is the bump, note head excluded due to lack of care or inclination to do hair or make up – I’m sparing you that for your own good people I assure you!


With a week to go, due this time next week Monday 5th October, so I am potentially looking at a further three weeks (please god no!) already one false start behind me, a reflexology appointment booked for tomorrow morning and a membrane sweep booked on Friday I feel arrival is imminent.  But what will she weigh?! 

OK, the facts – its a girl, she’s my second baby, my bump measures about 40 weeks, my first baby was a boy and arrived weighing 6lb 15oz (3.14kg)

Winner wins max smug points!  Sorry no prize but if anyone has anything they’d like to donate as a prize, please do drop me an email and we can change that –

Baby weights in pounds and ounces, conversions will be done with the google calculator, all entries need to be in the comments for this post please!

Good luck!  Happy Guessing!



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24 responses to “Baby weight sweep stake!

  1. OK, so going with the theme of babies getting bigger the more you have I am going to say 7lb 1 oz.
    Though mine got smaller – but I think thats cause i’m weird!

  2. Wow what a great bump, it’s making me so broody, trying to decide if i go for number 4.. Anyway your baby i predict will be 7lbs 2oz. Goodluck by the way and keep us all posted!

  3. Abby

    Best of luck, I’ll go with 7lbs and 5oz please!

  4. Jordan

    We vote 7lb 6.

    Big bump, but love your top too!

    Good luck chick, xxx

  5. Caz

    great idea. how about 7lb 3oz ?

    good luck girl! xxx

  6. funempl0yed

    I’ll go for 6lb 8oz please like my baby was 🙂


  7. Stefanie

    Ok, I’m going to go for a much heavier weight – 8lb 6oz like my little (or should I say large?) boy was.

  8. Stuart (Jordan's Hubby!)

    Me again! My husband reckons 7lb 8, and he wanted his say, so thought i’d add his comment too!

    J, xx

  9. Well, your bump is bigger than mine… not that, that means anything as I am a few weeks behind you… I am going to go for 8lb 2oz and hope mine is smaller LOL xx

  10. I am going to have a mad guess at 8lb 12oz as that was my smallest baby – hope its not that big though 🙂

  11. S Whittington

    First of all congratulations x
    I am useless at things like this but with a nice big bump like that i would say around 7lb 12 oz.

  12. Bump reminds me of mine..all out front and high, though my little monster was 9lb 14oz! I think 7lb 12oz.
    Good luck!!

  13. I’m going to guess 7lb 9oz.

    And your bump is booootiful. I have such bump envy at the momment…

    Take care and GOOD LUCK!! xxxx

  14. 8lb 14, you’ve still got time to cook #2!

  15. amy

    lovely bump!! I’m going for 7lb 11oz that was the weight of jessica my first, mine got lighter too but then my 4th was a whopper at 8lb 11oz!!! hope she comes soon xx

  16. I would say due to your bump size that was very similar to mine I will go with 8lbs8. Ok that’s a totally random weight. Good luck, not long to go now! 🙂

  17. Claire T

    I’m going to say 8lb 1oz…..bump looking good there! best of luck. x

  18. I have absolutely no idea about bump size – but you look very neat. I’ll go for 7lb 13oz.

    All the best x

  19. I tweeted this, and my post baby brain has forgotten my guess. Was it 9lb on the button? I think it was!

  20. Almost all the sensible weights have been guessed – how about 8lb 2oz? Don’t think anyone’s gone for that. Fingers crossed baby will be here soon.

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