I’m late and irritated …

Overdue_stampI’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date … well I’m not but baby number two is and I’m blaming her fathers gene’s for this (already & guaranteed not for the last time!)

So our estimated due date of Monday 5th October has been, gone and I’m three days into extra time and still cooking this baby.  I am no longer able to answer the phone due to the massive irritation that is induced by people calling asking “have you had the baby yet?” – clearly not – clearly in 2009 the digitial era dominated by mobile communication & social networking tools we would have found a way of letting people know – grrrr! 

Don’t get me wrong I love hearing from friends and most of our family but my major irritation comes from those people who haven’t actually bothered to even check in by phone, email or text for most of the last nine months.  Makes me want to scream & shout “so now you want a piece of my new baby do you?” – yeah pretty sure its the hormones!  But I do feel cross and I do feel hurt they haven’t bothered, not interested in me the baby carrier but now seem to want my baby, ok I know I sound like a looney!  The truth is that whilst it will all get put down to my hormones I’m actually quite upset by some folk whom I regard as close friends that I just haven’t heard from for months and months.  I’m not talking about close friends who are single or without children, those without I understand don’t understand, I’m talking about close friends with children of their own too.  People who I care about and make time to check in with to see that life is treating them and theirs ok.  I feel like my socialising limited self got dumped when I declared myself pregnant back in March/April time.  Its second time around so unlike with Lil’ H I’m not even a willing designated driver!  So lets just strike it down to hormones but just for the record I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hadn’t been upset by this over the last few months.

yayasI also know I have a number of amazing friends, both near and far away – my own sisterhood of ya yas – Carrie, Tiff, Mich, Izzie, Sarah – you know who you are and mwah, I love you, you’re ace!  I also know I have amazing parents and need to say a big THANK YOU to my mum and dad, Grandma & Grandpa to Lil’ H and baby number 2, who really couldn’t help more, they do much for us I’m too embarrassed to say it all.  But if I say they look after Lil’ H at least three half days a week and I still have only ever washed 2.5yr old Lil’ H’s clothes when mum is on holiday and he is always in clean ironed clothes it will give you an indication of the scale of assistance we get from them. 

So I will sign off, still here, still in one piece, still pregnant … soon, soon, soon, please let it be soon that I am back here posting with happy new baby news!  Claire x



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4 responses to “I’m late and irritated …

  1. Aideen

    Try to keep smiling Princess C – it can’t be too much longer. Lots of love xxx

  2. Liz

    ((((HUGS))) It won’t be long x

  3. insomniacmummy

    It will happen soon.

    In a few days you will look back and wonder how each day could seem like a week when time is flying so fast.


  4. Ah yes, the ‘Where’s that baby?’ call. I didn’t get this last time, with Rosemary being early. And technically I shouldn’t be getting it yet, either, but I made the mistake of assuming, very vocally, that this one would be as early as, if not earlier than, Rosemary was. So everyone is acting like I’m overdue already.

    I also have a few people I’m surprised haven’t checked in for a while. People who were on the phone at least once a week last time. I guess we become boring second time round, or something!

    Hope you get to see your Baby No. 2 very soon, anyway!

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