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Home_Photo_booksThanks to clareybabble for passing this meme on, I’m working my way through a few awards and meme’s at the moment, all helping to keep my mind off my bump!

So here are the rules… 1. Collect the book that you have most handy. 2. Turn to page 161. 3. Find the 5th complete sentence. 4. Site the sentence on your blog. 5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

Ok so on my bedside are three books … this says a lot about where I am in life right now … I have time so I am going to do all three!

1.  Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan
Pg 161, line 5 – I slowly breathe up with each surge.  (Nb. Surge is hypno for contraction!)

2.  The contented baby with toddler book by Gina Ford
Pg 161, line 5 -12 noon-2/2:15pm:  Baby needs a nap of no longer than two and a quarter hours from the time he went down.  (mmm … wondering/doubting if baby knows this?!)

3.  What to expect – The Toddler Years by Murkoff, Eisendberg & Hathaway
Pg 161, line 5 -Sometimes toddlers who are physically precocious – the early walkers, climbers, jumpers, ball-throwers – are later talkers; they put so much of their energy into physical exploits that they have little left over for verbal exploration.

I have to confess, I have only read the hypnobirthing book cover to cover – the rest are there in case of emergencies!  Now then, anyone who want to can pick this meme up but I also think these lovelies might enjoy some randomness…

American Mom in England
OMG we’re pregnant
Sleep is for the weak
Kelly Fairy
Ramblings of a mum on the run



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4 responses to “Tagged, I’m it, now you!

  1. Your right I do love how random this is, I have a few memes to do but I am off to do this one right now. Hope you have finished cooking the baby and we hear some baby here news soon..xx

  2. Ah thank you. I reckon this will jump ahead to the start of the queue (I have tons to do) because it is fun. I don’t have time to read at the moment (it took me 8 weeks to read a book….the shame) but I cannot be without a book so I still carry one round all the time. I could be mad…

  3. Ok, so this is odd. I just dashed upstairs to get the book I’m reading from my bedside, worried that the short story wouldn’t be 161 pages in total, but it is phew – here’s the spooky bit – my page is marked at page 161, that’s where I’m up to, eeeekk!!!
    Anyway, love the idea, will be posting and continuing the randomness on my blog!

  4. bear in mind something I recently found out: Gina Ford HAS NO CHILDREN! so feel free to ignore her, she’s never been there.

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