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Here comes my frock meme!

Having recently spent time going through the thousands of photo’s I have for the recent favourite photo meme, I dusted off (literally) my wedding album.  Without a doubt THE most expensive photos I own containing photos of  THE most expensive things I have ever bought – flowers, shoes, cake etc.  Mr L and I got married on the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2003, the weather was sunny and warm, it was a FAB day.  I loved my wedding.  I loved the preparations, the day itself, the honeymoon, actually especially the honeymoon, oh and the champagne and cake how could I forget they were bloody gorgeous too!  Oh yes and that whole marriage thing with Mr L isn’t bad either 😉  

Fast forward six and a bit years and that day is all memories and memorabilia.  Being truly honest its not often recalled and very rarely looked at.  I have my memory box with all the stationery, the cards, our place settings, a few leftover favours, the speeches, a few pressed flowers and some bits of confetti.  I also still have my wedding outfit – my dress, shoes (Gina’s if you were wondering!), veil, tiara (but of course!) – all cleaned and boxed up.  In the immediate post wedding days I’d had this thought that if I ever had a daughter, which of course I now do, she’d like to see my wedding dress.  I never thought I’d pass it on for her to wear it more maybe to play dressing up in it. 

Now here we are in 2010.  I sit in my home, which is no longer home to two but four, my home which is filling up with bright plastic shit toys and “stuff”, at a rate faster than I can ever see the declutter process making any significant impact on.  Now here in 2010 when I look at my wedding outfit I see space and cash!  I see space potential using my “maximise your property” hat, trained by home improvement and makeover TV shows and through my eBay eyes I can see some significant £’s!  It got me wondering have I lost touch with the romance of my wedding, of creating modern family heirlooms and heritage?  Or are they unrealistic ideas in modern times anyway?  Would either me or Baby G when she becomes Girlie G get anything special from her playing with it, would she ever really want to and would I ever really let her?  Hmmm.  Is there a middle ground to keep the shoes, veil & tiara and flog the frock?  Hmmm, I wonder. 

So me and my dress.  Together on show for just one day only over 6 years ago.  It feels like an airing is long overdue!  So here it is, me in my wedding dress with my Dad in those few last single minutes.

Me & My Dad - the final single moments!

My wedding dress – should it stay or should it go!  Experience?  Thoughts?  What do you vote – keep it or sell it? 

My wedding all came long before I started blogging and the same for many others but you know what I’d love to see some “Blogger Brides” so I’m going to create this post into a meme and this is the first of the “Here comes my frock” meme!  Made up by me for me, because I love a good wedding! 

To start the ball rolling I am going to ask the following beautiful brides to share their wedding frocks and any story you choose to share about your dress and or day, where is now and in the spirit of all good meme’s to pass it on, if you tweet tag it #herecomesmyfrock so we can see get a stream of them all! 

As with every meme I do, play if you can and if you too want to be tagged consider it so!

Karin over at Cafe Bebe because she encouraged me to get my finger out and write this post!

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And Snaffles Mummy

As with every meme I do, play if you can and if you too want to be tagged consider it so!



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My High Points of 2009

I have been tagged and give that one of my resolutions for 2010 is to think less about and write more for my blog I am going to respond to the tag almost immediately (the following day, at any rate least).  It’s a New Year meme so appropriate to start as we mean to go on!  The rules are to thank the person who tagged you (thank you Tasha), and list your five high points for 2009 and tag five other people to do the same.  Simple!

  1. In January my post Lil’ H weight loss totalled three stone, in February I was pregnant & the scales started to move in the opposite direction, also thoroughly enjoyable!  But in January I was the three stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and that felt good & will do again (that’s this years mission!)
  2. In April a legal matter was successfully concluded bringing closure and great relief.
  3. In May we went to our holiday cottage in Port Isaac in Cornwall and was joined by our friends & my gorgeous god-daughter.  We had a fabulous time and a brilliant friendship continued to blossom between my god daughter and my H.  We hit lucky with the weather and has some serious beach time!
  4. In October my daughter, Baby G arrived safe, sound and perfect.  My family is complete & beautiful.
  5. This Christmas has been very special for me.  Having Baby G and also this year has been the first year Lil’ H has been old enough to have an understanding and some, or should I say a lot of excitement!  December has brought some great moments and memories.

If you read this and you’d like to be tagged – well then consider yourself tagged!  Please do leave me a comment so I can come to your place and read your highlights!


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