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Follow Friday – 30th Oct 2009

This Friday’s Follow Friday theme are some of my favourite mummy businesses on Twitter – not a comprehensive list by any stretch – but they have helped me with their great products and services and maybe you would like them too… check them out …

MumsLikeYou (Ivet Nikolov) founder www.mumslikeyou.com online mums community
Tums2Mums (Dany Griffiths) lovely lady, hynobirthing guru & resources
Soph4Soph inspirational childrens wear – god daughter gifts – tick!
justdresses because they embracing all things girlie at www.justdresses.co.uk
Aroma4kids loving their Special Little People range – the Christmas blend is devine!
childrensjewell fab childrens jewellery – more off the Christmas list from here!



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Rhodes to Heaven

I’ve mentioned the Mums Like You website before and it is through that community that I received two Rhodes to Heaven products to review from the Natural Baby range – their “Shampoo & Bodywash” and a mini sample of the “Botti Balm”

rhodestoheavenSo I’ve been using the Shampoo & Bodywash with Lil’ H for a few weeks now and want to share my thoughts with those kindly taking time to pass past my blog (thank you by the way!)

Like all “smellies” the first thing I did when I received these is open and sniff and my honest reaction was an audible “Ooooo”.  The Shampoo & Bodywash has a fresh delicate almost citrus aroma.  I choose the word aroma carefully because it’s not a domineering scent or fragrance like other products.  It also excludes the known to irritate nasties such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate, which with other products mean almost no bubbles which means you can end up using lots of product but a foam pumper dispenser solves this.  My Lil’ H loves the almost creamy, shaving foam like, bubbles its produces and they stay on his hand compared to the liquid wash pump dispensed washes which run/slip off making it easier for him to have a go at washing himself.  I would say it is easier to use as a bodywash than a shampoo as my Lil’ H has lots of very thick hair so I need a good few pumps to get his lathered and clean but it does rinse quickly, easily and really well.

My Lil’ H very much knows his own mind and my Johnson & Johnson top to toe wash, J&J Bedtime Wash and Daniel Gavin Organic Baby Wash (I am a self-confessed cosmetic & skin care product addict!) have remained lined up in the bathroom but have been unused since our Rhodes to Heaven top to toe wash arrived.  I ask H to choose which product he wants to be washed with and as yet none of the predecessors haven’t be requested as every night he points at the Natural Baby wash by Rhodes to Heaven declaring “Bubbles” his preferred choice! 

Also set to me was a mini sample of the “Botti Balm”, I am lucky in that as a general rule Lil H doesn’t need any extra botti care!  In the note though it mentioned its great for dribbly chins and chaffing which H’s best female friend, AJ, has recently developed so I passed this on to AJ for use, feedback and review and it is also getting a thumbs up.  Whilst vaseline-esque in texture its petroleum free, made completely from vegetable, clear and perfect for around AJ’s mouth.  Whilst a toddler chin is only ever going to fully heal when they stop putting their fingers in their mouths and dribbling through sniffles and colds it has done a great job of taking the red, dry soreness away and continues to be a staple item in AJ’s mums handbag!

So in summary …
Did I like? Yep, I would be comfortable to use on both toddler and newborn baby
Did my toddler like? Yes he did, the foamer pump is a bit hit!
Would I buy in future? Yes I would, whilst pricer than alternatives it lasts longer
Would I buy as a gift? Again yes I would, it would be a lovely gift for a new baby


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Mums Like You

I am so chuffed, Dandelion Lounge is running a new banner ad campaign on http://www.mumslikeyou.com I’ve screen grabbed one of the ads running on the site – what do you think? 

MumsLikeYou_pinkMums Like You is a new, ambitous and great newcomer to the online community circuit so if you haven’t paid a visit yet, I’d recommend it as a great online destination to enjoy a coffee break or nap time or two.   Mums Like Your enables mothers to stay in touch, share parenting advice and discuss topics we all face as a parent.

I can honestly say its a genuinely friendly community of mums – in the real world I am far from shy but in the virtual one I have been a bit of a lurker for a while, felt very self conscious and just frankly not cool enough to join the groups, forums & communities.  I’ve joined a decent number now and this and a few others have been the most welcoming, helpful & supportive.  So thank you Mums Like You! 

These banners form the start of our Christmas promotional activity which me and the team back at the Lounge are getting super excited about, last year was our “First Christmas” and we were blown away by the popularity of our Christmas cards and photo inserts.  We’re very much working hard and hoping to continue our first years success.  The collection will be going live online shortly but if you would like an e-brochure sending to you in the meantime just drop me an email at claire@dandelionlounge.co.uk  or register online at www.dandelionlounge.co.uk and you’ll get an email as soon as the colletion goes live.

Sorry to be mentioning Christmas in August – but hey I’m a planner by nature and marketer by trade – I’ve got Easter finished before Santa has made to the Chimney!  Cx


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