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We got the chicken pox jab!

Some of you may have read the prequel posts to this, but for those who haven’t a quick summary … I decided that rather than my son experience chicken pox and my household experience him with chicken pox I would have H vaccinated against it.  First clinic couldn’t do it due to wierd coincidence that the private doctor happened to also work at our GP Practice and there are rules about that, second, the Childrens Immunisation clinic www.childrensimmunisation.com  in Manchester were brilliant and cheaper than the first! 

The vaccination against Chicken Pox is routinely done along with the MMR, the MMRV vaccine, in the USA and Canada.  It is also done in the UK on the NHS if you haven’t contracted Chicken Pox by the age 12.  Being brutally honest my reasons are mostly very practical reasons behind the decision – at the end of the day I don’t feel there is any benefit to my son to experience the illness and the financial cost of avoiding this to give him the same immunity level as having the illness is just £95 so to me it was a no brainer.  The cost of the jab is less than the nursery fees I would still have to pay even though he wouldn’t be able to attend nursery with the pox for around a week.  Chicken Pox can be a serious illness for some, I know two children who have been hospitalised with the pox, but generally for most just uncomfortable but it does tend to leave scars and for parents a series of sleepness nights and an upset child. 

So anyway we had the jab – in, out and done in 2 minutes – my two year old cried for less than 10 seconds and was immediately distracted and appeased with a packet of chocolate buttons.  Following the jab two weeks ago my son has experienced no fever or high temperatures, no blisters or issues around the injection site (which we did with the MMR), there have been no reactions at all and he has no scars and we’ve had no sleepless nights.   Compare that to the tale of a parent with a child with Chicken Pox – all camomile lotion, scratching, tears, scars and Disney channel in the middle of the night and I feel it was money well spent! 

So, would I do it again?  Absolutely, categorically, without question, YES!



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Vaccination update …

Prepare for everything and require nothing … why is it always the way?!  The jab didn’t happen! 

By pure chance the doctor at the private clinic happened to be a doctor from our NHS GP Practice and apparently it is a complete no, no and strike-off-able offence for a doctor to treat a patient private who is registered at their NHS Practice.  Humpf!  

Needless to say, I was neither impressed nor amused, however rather than put my time and energy into ranting about the lack of competence and process to check the relevant information before H missed a nursery session (already paid for of course) and I missed a days work (therefore not paid for)!  I shall simply say we have rescheduled at another clinic for mid May and the silver lining is the cost of the jab is £35 cheaper. 

Next stop holiday – list making has started and the final countdown has begun!

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Pox – the chicken variety!

Tomorrow I am taking my only just two year old son H to a private clinic for a chicken pox jab – I have debated this with my husband, myself, my mother, myself, my friends, myself and just about any other person that will stand still long enough!   I hate having jabs myself yet find myself not only voluntarily taking my son for an additional one but also paying for it too – I have surprised myself that’s for sure. 

I’m happy with the decision for H to have the jab it is for all the right reasons for him and our family but as always I am not looking forward to the actual event – I have worked out easy leg access clothing for H and have my bag packed with homepathic remedies (for both of us!) to help, plus calpol & neurofen, dummies, chocolate, have held back some birthday gifts for extra treats and will be heading straight round to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for some extra cuddles & spoiling. 

Wish me luck – I’ll report back on the experience!  Cx


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