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Reciprocal childcare petition

This weeks news has, and not for the first time may I say, made me wonder whether insanity is the dominant force in society. 

I am talking about the two friends also mothers also working as Police Officers who have been forced to abandon taking caring for each others children by Ofsted as it was regarded as “illegal child minding”.  The full story dominated headlines and continues to drive debate in the broadsheets and tabloids here’s the coverage in The Times

Reciprocal_ChildcareThe rule Ofsted feels the arrangement fell foul of is a rule that prevents parents from looking after other people’s children for more than two hours a day for reward – does that mean that when I look after a friends child for more than two hours and she buys me flowers to say thank you I should be turning us both in at the local nick?! 

I believe as mothers, as fathers, as parents we have the right to decide whom we trust to mind our children and believe the legislation in the area needs to be reviewed and changed.  A petition has been started to do just that, so rather than rant on about how outrageous, ludicrous, ridiculous, bureaucratic etc. the situation is I am going to be constructive and try to improve the situation for others by promoting the petition link. 

If you feel similarly please take 2 mins to sign the petition and pass it on!




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Parenting clubs for mums to be …

So number two is due in 55 days (eight weeks) and I am trying to get sorted, making lists of lists of to do’s to buy’s to ask for advice on etc.  I spent this morning with a friend who is due only the day after me with her first baby so was sharing what I know and helping her compile lists with the help of my diary/notebook from first time round and found a list of parenting and baby clubs to get free stuff, samples and vouchers.  Having advised both my friend, and myself, to register for these I thought it would be helpful for others to post them up and share the freebie opportunities.  Please if you are reading this post and have additions please feel free to include comments with them – the more the merrier and all that! 

So if you’re expecting a baby and you need to “get in the zone” – there is loads of free stuff and vouchers out there, those giving them out just need to know you’re “in the club”!  So join up to the parenting and baby clubs:

Boots parenting club www.bootsparentingclub.com , Tesco Baby Club www.tesco.com/babyclub , Hipp Organic www.hippbabyclub.co.uk, Pampers www.pampers.co.uk, Huggies www.huggiesclub.com/uk , Early Learning Centre www.elc.co.uk and Bounty www.bounty.com

One last sneaky tip is to also get the Grandma’s to be or another pal to join too using her name & address but with your due dates to get double the booty for you!  Right there you go gals I’m off to do some signing up now of my own – hope you’re having a great day!

Claire x

P.s.  Mummy Tips has a great post about where to get baby vouchers too, here’s the link  http://newmummystips.blogspot.com/2009/08/baby-vouchers.html (update on 26th August 2009)


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