Simple Pleasures No 4

It’s “quiet time” at Lancaster Towers between 1pm & 3pm. Since Lil’ H started to need his afternoon nap less & less I’ve introduced “quiet time” to allow him to rest & renergise. This consists of a makeshift bed on the sofa, his blanket & a bit of Disney babysitting usually Toy Story 1 or 2 or Finding Nemo. Sometimes still quiet time becomes naptime too. It’s a nice part of the day for me as Baby G is usually asleep too so I get to drop down a gear on the mummy child caring & raising duties.

Today I arranged the tulips I bought myself and it dawned on me how I always like to have fresh flowers, how I enjoy choosing them, arranging them & simply enjoy them being in my home. Today I remembered that fresh flowers are a simple pleasure & I am really enjoying my Tulips, one of my favourite spring flowers. What are your favourite flowers? Brighten your day & treat yourself.



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5 responses to “Simple Pleasures No 4

  1. Mags (Mmeeee)

    You’ve made me want to go and get some fresh flowers now.. Might have to treat myself to some tomorrow!

  2. Believe it ot not we bought some tulips at the supermarket today, to cheer me up!!

  3. amy

    tulips are my favourite flower 🙂 i must get some x

  4. Those are great pleasures (and I’m going to steal your idea of quiet time – Toddlergirl is trying to drop her nap)

  5. love fresh flowers in the house- those look so pretty.

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