Favourite Photo Meme

Lots of my favourite blogs such as Violet Posy, Are we nearly there yet mummySticky Fingers , Baby Rambles etc. have posted up this favourite photo meme including a tag invitation to anyone who wants it.  I love photo’s and have loved looking through all mine to choose my favourite photo and talk about why it’s my favourite.

I have realised how many great photos I have.  95%+ are of people, the odd landmark but mostly friends, family and occasionally even I stray in front of the lens!  So I’ve looked through the old ones I’ve got round to scanning, the wedding ones, the honeymoon ones, the parties, the hen do’s, other people’s weddings, the 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th Birthdays, the christenings, the baby photo’s and oh my there are so many of those!  How much my two children look-alike is a bit scary!  But the one I have chosen is the one I have on my wall at home and in a frame in another room and in my head as a crystal clear memory of good times, great friends, fun, love and laughter.  So here it is:

BIG night out in Bangers!

Left to right:  we have one of my best and oldest friends Squiff, me in the middle and Mr L in Bangkok 2004. 

This is a “self take” hurtling through Bangkok in a Tuk Tuk on our way to the Bangkok Bed Supper Club where we had one of the best meals and nights out ever. 

Anyone reading this that wants to join in then consider yourself tagged, I’d love to see all your favourite photos.



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3 responses to “Favourite Photo Meme

  1. Emily O

    Great photo! Looks like you’re having a brilliant time. I also did the tuk tuk racing through Bangkok years ago, what fun we had before children came along! ; ) Thanks for the mention! x

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