Girls do, boys don’t

Today Lil’ H and his best female friend AJ came to play.  They had a pretend game of trains, of course this required two trains – AJ driving one, H driving the other …

“Lets sit on the chairs nicely and see where our trains are going.” I said

“Marks & Spencers!” AJ replied

“What about your train?” I asked H

“No where, I’m not going to sit on the chair nicely!” stated H

The end!



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2 responses to “Girls do, boys don’t

  1. Typical Boy. I did once crawl under a table though, when at a very posh music group mini was asked where his bus was going and he replied Aldi!

    • Ha ha! Love that! That must have been pre-credit crunch days – constraint is now the new excess and that would be considered a tres chic statement on the Cheshire Mums circuit these days 😉 Mwah x

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