Supermarket ship of love

For Illustration Purposes!My Supermarket ship of love has sailed or more correctly it has been cut loose.  I’ve never used my blog to name and shame but there is a first time for everything!  I am cross so excuse me if this post turns into a bit of a rant, but hey my voice, my outlet, my blog! 

For the last three years I have been a loyal Ocado shopper.  I was a good customer of Ocado, although clearly not good enough.  I shopped at least once, often twice a month and on occasions more often, I have recommended them to friends a number of whom have become regular Ocado customers too.  I tried their “On Demand” product when it was new and I filled in their surveys.  This Christmas in return for my loyalty, Ocado gave their new “On Demand” customers first dibs on the Christmas slots leaving nothing after 22nd December available for everybody else.

I wouldn’t have had a problem if my helpful friend, Ocado, had been open and honest back in November.  Honest that he wasn’t going to be able to be there for me this year.  If he’d said “no availability after 22nd December” for non On Demand customers, instead of saying Christmas slots “coming soon”, he’d have managed my expectations.  If he’d told me in time I could have made a plan, I’d have appreciated it, I’d have understood and we’d have caught up in the new year.  But no, Ocado didn’t do that.  Ocado dumped me at Christmas with a toddler & a new baby.  Ocado flicked the V’s at me, how ever jolly and holly laced the email bringing the news it’s still rude!  My money clearly isn’t good enough anymore for Mr Ocado so I am off in search of the “better fish in the sea!”

I am sure there have been many suited & booted meetings at Ocado to discuss their Christmas strategy.  No doubt these started back in the heady days of Summer and the big wigs and their commercial teams truly believe this is the right thing for their business, but is it really?  I have a new baby and toddler and it doesn’t take a genius to work that out from my shopping basket – new baby sized nappies, infacol, Annabel Karmel ready meals for Lil’ H, chocolate & lots of it in all the varieties for me.  Using data to power businesses for maximum profit is the stuff I have done exceptional well in my professional life before babies!  Mr Ocado, my household just got bigger by one, that means our consumption and spend just got bigger too.  Lancaster Towers became a better potential household overnight and you Mr Ocado didn’t have to do anything, didn’t have to spend a single penny for our basket size to get bigger.  What’s even better is it just got 20 times harder for me to even get out of the house so the frequency with which I shop online just increased too.  What’s amazing is that it was all yours, there was never even a question mark over it, until you decided you wouldn’t help me when I needed you the most.  Short-sighted?  I should say so, because in the same way I told people to use you I will be telling many, many, many more people not to and how you treated me. 

I can’t write anymore as right now I have to load my toddler and 9 week old baby into snowsuits and into the car and start my food shopping in the snow.  I will be doing the same again tomorrow and Thursday – Merry Christmas to you too!



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10 responses to “Supermarket ship of love

  1. amy

    well said hun!! how rude of them to do that to you! It’s no fun doing the big shop in the supermarket with kids in tow, especially when you need to concentrate. I did mine today with my 4 and i think i grew a few extra grey hairs. I would use online but i’m glad i didn’t now because of the weather!! Hope your shopping trip goes ok and have a merry christmas xxx

    (not you mr ocado you suck lol)

  2. wendymallins

    That is rubbish!!!! I do Ocado on Demand, purely because it works better but I still had to book my slot way way back ages ago!!! But to only offer the slots to on-demand customers is very bad!!! And just as bad is the ‘out of stock’ statements on basic things olive oil, limes!! on a regular basis – when I shop on line I want it all bringing I don’t want to have to go out & pick up basic little things! Rant Rant rant…. and I may rant more tomorrow after 09.30am if my shop does not come!

  3. While the communication has clearly been poor, I’ve got to admit I’m a bit confused by the outrage.

    What’s so bad about having your christmas shopping delivered on the 22nd (which I did, via Ocado)?

    When you shop with Ocado, you can see guarantees of the life of each product, so I could be confident the things I needed for Christmas would last through Christmas – that’s something none of the other online shops offer, incidentally.

    The vast majority of what I needed could safely be bought on the 22nd knowing it would last the 10 days until New Year if needed. The exceptions – bread, croissants, milk – I bought in freezer-suitable packages and they’re now frozen.

    While reserving slots for specific customers without letting other customers know is completely and utterly shady, I’d still rather have had my delivery today than have to trek round the Hell that is Tesco in the week of Christmas!

    Hope you get everything you need, regardless, and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I absolutely swear by online grocery shopping but I was frustrated when I went to book my slot and found only one available to me – yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure what the thinking is, really – I think they should have slots on Christmas Eve, too. Maybe this is something BMB could lobby for – after all, if they want us to spend then they need to provide the facility to do it!

  5. I use on demand but it lulled me into a false sense of security and by the time I got round to booking the lastest slot available was yesterday. I took it after some careful menu/fridge/freezer space planning but it’s not ideal.

    I must also say though that I’ve been using Mr Ocado for a few months now and have never had anything unavailable, unlike the competitors which were hopeless…

    Sorry you’re having to brave the supermarket with the little ones, especially in this weather. I don’t think people realise that this really is a nightmare scenario that can feel almost insurmountable. I’ll be thinking of you x

  6. That’s really bad and really weird my Ocado log in showed no Xmas slots left ages ago – though I do use on demand. I know from earlier years you have to book very early as they book up so fast and there would never be any left at this stage regardless of how they offered them. Badly managed by them.
    It could be worse you could be the man I heard on the radio before who booked an Asda slot and they never turned up and have now told him he’ll have to go to the store.

  7. I used to shop with Ocardo when we lived down south, but we do not have the luxury here in the frozen north and more specifically back of beyond!! Only Tesco deliver, so balls to the lot of them.

    In the end MadDad got the turkey from the butchers with all the rest of the meat today and I am off to the local veg shop tomorrow. More expensive yes, but much calmer, even in the 6 inches of snow we have!!

  8. Is ‘On Demand’ Ocado’s scheme for paying for delivery in up-front? We used to use Ocado every week, but switched back to Sainsbury’s as we needed to cut down our grocery spend due to a second (unplanned) stretch of maternity leave happening only four months after the first stretch ended!

    We’d given up on Sainsbury’s a few years ago because five or so items would be out of stock every week, meaning we’d need to then go to the shops, so defeating the object of online shopping. But they are much much better than they used to be and I can’t see us going back to Ocado.

  9. And, what’s more, they were charging £9.99 when everyone else was about half that!

  10. @amy – I survived the aisles!
    @wendymallins – hope everything was there!
    @Sally – a lot of the outrage is about the pricing, more demand, higher prices I get that, the exclusivity piece is what gets me – note to self get a bigger freezer like yourself for next year!
    @Liz – I’d join in a lobby for Christmas Eve!
    @geriatric mummy – I’m going to try the alternatives this year, will keep you posted!
    @goodshoeday – I hope Asda are funding that mans shopping for the rest of the year!
    @TheMadHouse – I am sure is all tasted the better for being local too. x
    @Helen – will be giving Sainsburys a go – thx
    @babybornfreebottles – I kind of get a price increase based on the basic economics of supply & demand but flat rate of £9.99 even at 11pm is excessive!

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