Footprints on a plate

This week I took Baby G to make a plate for my mum, her Grandma, for Christmas.  I did this with my lil’ H and wanted to create the same in pink so Grandma would have the “full set” – please note there won’t be anymore to collect! 

Violet Posy is hosting a “Thrifty Christmas” carnival and although this is a late addition to the carnival there is still time for anyone inspired into create their own baby plates to get them painted, fired and collected in time for the big day!

I’ll be collecting Baby G’s next week … ok whilst that’s one gift sorted there are still many more that aren’t so I’m back off to Google … ciao for now! Cx



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10 responses to “Footprints on a plate

  1. That’s so lovely! Do you want me to add this as a guest post this week? x

  2. Such a cute idea , is it a decorative peice of actually used to eat of?
    Just thought it would be so cute eating dinner and seeing those little footprints when you finished your meal.

  3. We did this with Z – such a fab keepsake, especially for the grandparents! We made a plate for Z too while we were at it and plan to wheel it out on his birthday every year with a cake on it!

  4. Wow, that is so adorable. Love it.

  5. ang2906 & emmak – thanks it was a great Christmas gift hit!

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