The Hospital Bags

OMG its time to pack the hospital bag!  I have 31 days to go to due date and until Monday that felt a lifetime away.  My friend S is due 17 days before me and in my head (completely illogically I might add) I was “in the clear” until her baby arrived.  On Monday I missed a call from S and then got a text saying … “my waters broke last night” … OMG that’s 18 days early!  WTF early is not in “the plan”! 

I called S and I think I just may have just swore at her as my own panic took hold – I just kept thinking it can’t be her now because that means its me next!  Early was so not in either of our plans that I had to do a dash to the doctors to collect her Pethidine prescription, just in case, as she was planning a homebirth.  Then over to Boots to collect her tens machine, got both, sorted ready to go and I guess baby changed its mind because nothing happened & S was induction bound at 8am on Wednesday morning.  All went well and to wrap up on the cause of my panic buying the contents of my hospital bag, S gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sadie Suzanne, who arrived weighing 6lb 5oz in the afternoon on Wednesday 2nd September.  Everyone is doing great and couldn’t be happier and I’m going for a squeeze of the newbie later today! 

So if number two were to arrive early like it happened for S we’re talking about me having 13 days to go.  That is a whole lot less than 31, that is like the week after next and that eventuality I am totally and completely not ready for.  On reflection I think the truth is that my preparations for my first baby were more than excessive but that for baby number two I’ve been as disproportionately unprepared as I was over-prepared last time.  Over at OMG We’re Pregnant she’s packing her bags for beans arrival so having read her list and the recommended post by Kelly at A Place of My Own  I have been galvanised into packing my bags and there are four of them for me this time … mine, Mr L’s, baby number two’s (I think that has become her nickname, its crap isn’t it?!) and big brother to be, H. 

Here are the lists – have I got it covered?  Do you have suggestions/recomendations/alternatives – I’d love to hear them from you. 

For me, mum to be
1 x Maternity notes and birth wishes
1 x Baggy T-shirt for labour & delivery (destination – the bin!)
1 x Pyjama’s, dressing gown & flip flops/slippers
5 x knickers (old – again destination the bin!)
1 x nursing bra
2 x sox
12 x Maternity towels (need 70 in total but not planning to stay in long & can always send home for more)
1 x change of clothes, still maternity mind, to go home!
1 x Washbag – hairbrush, bobbles/clips, toothbrush & paste, shampoo & conditioner, showergel, deodorant
1 x Make-up bag – waterproof mascara, tinted moisturiser, lippy (played this game before – far too many hideous photos taken of me to mention, going to make a concerted effort this time!)
1 x Bath towel
Labour “accessories” – tens machine, homeopathic kit, chocolate, 8 hour cream, Evian water spray, flannel
1 x baby gift for the big brother to be (H can’t read so I am safe to share that baby is bringing him “cranky the crane”)

For Mr L
Shorts, t-shirt, underwear & sox
Drink & snacks
Stuff to share the news with – camera & video camera (charged!) and iPhone & charger
Money, in coin form for parking & vending machines!

For Baby Number Two
3 x vests/bodysuits
2 x babygros
1 x nightdress
2 x cardigans
1 x swaddling blanket
1 x packet of newborn nappies
1 x hat
1 x pair of scratch mits
1 x car seat & blanket

For Big Brother to be, H
Bound for Grandma’s house with his trunki packed with …
4 x t-shirts
3 x trousers
3 x vests
3 x sox
2 x Pyjamas
1 x “yoo-hoo”, 1 x George – favourite teddy sleeping buddies!
4 x dummies
Shoes, wellies, coat & waterproofs
Pull ups & bedtime nappies
Baby monitor

So that’s the lists made, this weekend will see the bags packed then next on my “to do list” is to properly stop, sit down and put some thought into my birth plan wishes – we all know it doesn’t go to plan!

Please, please, please lovely visitors and readers let me know your thoughts, suggestions and do point out any oversights – I will appreciate them all!

Very many thanks, Claire x



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9 responses to “The Hospital Bags

  1. funempl0yed

    Things to add to your list:
    – Book/Mag
    – Sugary sweets (hard boiled are best) – keep the energy up!
    – Energy Drink and Snack Bars
    – Nintendo DS
    – Ipod
    – Mobile phone
    – Laptop
    – List of people to text/tweet/Fbook/e-mail etc.
    – Change for the phone (or one of those phonecards @ M Hospital (remember no mobiles – wink wink)

    We’re here for you if you need anything xxx

  2. I would add some straws – makes drinking easier, especially between contractions! I took two sizes of baby clothes – glad I did because Piran was straight into the 0-3 size. I also used a pack of soft travel tissues. Oh and a couple of flannels. Think that covers it.

    What I packed and what I used were very different but I was in for 9 days so that messed everything up! I also bought a nightshirt to wear that would be thrown in the bin afterwards. Unfortunately it ended up going home in a load of washing and ending up washed and ironed and put back on my bed by my mum! Scary!

  3. I think you’ve got most things covered – can’t think of any more! For some reason I always get my hospital bag packed 6 weeks before the due date. Don’t know why as both mine ended up being overdue! The big surprise for me second time round was the speed of the labour. First son took 35 hours, second was less than 5 hours – he was nearly born in the car! So if you have a long journey to the hospital (ours is 40 minutes) leave sooner rather than later! Good luck and hope your baby’s not too early, or too late – my nephew arrived 3 weeks ago on his due date!

  4. Margaret

    Copy. Paste. Do!
    Thanks Claire – I’ll give you feedback after the event, although it sounds to me you have it all covered.
    It’s great to know that Macc Gen allows mobiles.
    V scared of Macclesfield!!
    M x

  5. You seem very organised! Mine were born at home so it was just a pile in the spare room and hoping DH would find anything I needed if I had to transfer in. As with Kelly – had got one newborn babygrow for DS but realised in the morning that it was too small for him, so straight into 0-3m for him too.

  6. Wow, so much stuff to take! I’ve just sent you an award and something to keep you busy while waiting for the big day. Check out my blog later for more info! 😉

  7. Laptop…. are you allowed to use laptops? List of people to contact is a good one. Cant believe I dont havt that on my list!!!

  8. Sarah – good thinking on the sugar front!

    Kelly – straws added, actually finding them useful by bedside in late pregnancy, thank you!

    Whistlejacket – I want to hear more stories of faster labour second time around, hoping to be able to tell a similar story to yours, I won’t hang around!

    Margaret – no fear chiquita, nothing to be scared of all, the Macclesfield team are fab and babies are all worth it.

    Emma – I salute and bow everyone who delivers at home, I need to be in the same building as an anaesthetist! Well done you!

    Beingamillionare – oooh, an award, my first – how cool – I am heading to your blog right now! Thx hun!

    OMG We’re Pregnant – unless I can uninstall solitaire from the laptop its staying at home otherwise there is a high likelihood Mr L will miss the moment, iPhone will do the rest!

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