Government funded dressing table – part II

So the “pre-post” to this is here:

DSC02448And here is my investment … difficult to photograph without revealing by reflection the chaos of the rest of the room/my house and life but not as difficult as it will be to keep clean!  It has been said that she is high maintenance just like me – ha ha! 

Anyway just wanted to share the excitement as I am now going to set to and sort out my cosmetics & make up and fill those drawers up! 

Claire x





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5 responses to “Government funded dressing table – part II

  1. Ohhhh its lovely. My HIMG has just gone in to my bank account. Hoorah!

  2. amy

    Hi just noticed you live in wilmslow, cheshire i’m not too far from there myself. Did you buy that from feather and black? It looks famililar! xx

  3. funempl0yed

    I’ve just been sent this….Hope it’s not an Omen!!! lol. NO more babies in this house!

    Hope somebody finds it useful….


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