My bump is massive – thanks for that!

Here are the questions I am now asked on at least a daily if not multiple times a day basis by allegeded friends, family and complete total strangers.  So if you’re expecting you will probably be pleased to know you are not alone!  I know it is all well meant, but I am pregnant, hormonal, uncomfortable, not sleeping & reserve the right to be annoyed!

1 – I’m due 5th October

2 – No, it’s not twins, just the one

3 – Oh wow, you’re right my bump is massive, hadn’t noticed I was carrying that around, thanks for pointing it out!




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3 responses to “My bump is massive – thanks for that!

  1. I hear you, I feel the same. The other question is ‘what is it?’ … to which I say ‘I’m not sure yet, we’re trying to work it out? some sort of growth I think’.

    I’ve only just come in to the third trimester, and this week I have been feeling shattered. Utterly and totally shattered, which has making me more teary then ever before. The joys of pregnancy eh!

  2. Well put lovely lady. We know many of our customers relate to this and you 🙂

  3. I had this so often in my second pregnancy. It turned out that my son had built himself something of an olympic sized swimming pool in my stomach, and so the bump was correspondingly huge. From about FIVE MONTHS I had strangers asking me when I was due. I so so envied ladies with petite little bumps who could wear their normal jeans under the bump the whole time!

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