Exciting times…

This week Dandelion Lounge’s first Christmas Collection has been launched and I am so pleased with the reaction and feedback from customers and friends.  The final touches are also being made to the website and as it links through to this blog it is time I added some chatter to these blank pages.

I have lots of occasions ahead being planned for this week – a first birthday, Halloween, Bonfire night and of course the big old NOEL is just around the corner!  Lots of lists for Mrs Lancaster, I’m heading south with the family at the end of next week for a Halloween party, then I’m having a few friends over to enjoy some fireworks (of the “no bang” baby variety!)  and I am trying to coordinate gift suggestions for my son, Hugo, because unless Father Christmas is going to bring me a house extension and a bigger garden we will encounter a space issue with cars, trikes, slides, sit on fire engines and a wendy house! 

I also need to take a photo of Hugo for our Christmas card and his Thank You card, I have to confess to feeling a bit of pressure to make it really great – it is my business after all so I do need to lead by example – I have a couple of ideas and will share the end result I promise. 

Well its diet coke break time for me and a trip to the post office to send my god daughters first birthday gift, back soon!



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4 responses to “Exciting times…

  1. Hey There Loverly Clara, sounds like you’re a v busy ladee, I’m looking forward to having lunch with you and the special boy tomorrow, is it a fancy dress halloween party – if so what will the Boss be wearing? I’m really jealous I’ve got to spend 31st at some posh resty smoouching clients!
    bye for now! Kxxx

  2. Hey Busy Lady, do you still have time for me tomorrow? Kxxx

  3. Ed

    Sounds really great – hope it works out fab for you.

  4. Tiffany St James

    Go Girl! Loving to hear your web chatter to keep us all buoyed up.

    T x

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